Digital Workforce Solutions

Mayen has a proven track record of designing, maintaining and scaling Robotic Process Automation solutions.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the use of software robots that simulate human actions to handle repetitive and high-volume tasks which have a low value contribution and are rule-based.

At Mayen, we assist businesses of all kinds to initiate, grow or transform their digital workforce, a different kind of workforce backed by a combination of technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Why Choose Mayen’s RPA

Regardless of where you are in your automation journey, we are here to support you to make your journey a successful one. Mayen can guide you at every stage: initiating your automation journey, optimizing your digital solutions, providing process and technology consultancy, or making your robots more intelligent.

Whether you would like to speed up your recruitment processes, get regular validations for your order to cash processes, increase your customer satisfaction, or minimize the cost of your core operations – the digital workforce will help you reach your targets by automating your business processes in a highly efficient, reliable and cost-effective manner. Mayen’s robotic process automation solutions are designed to automate repetitive, mundane, and high-volume tasks with low value contribution, increase efficiency by speeding up these tasks and enable you to get more done in less time, boost employee productivity and satisfaction by redirecting them to more challenging and value-adding tasks, and eliminate mistakes or errors. As Mayen, we leverage our vast experience in business process management to understand your business needs, and design client-specific solutions with the help of other digital technologies and R&D capabilities in order to maximize customer satisfaction.


Mayen’s robotic process automation (RPA) services and solutions help employees become more productive by allowing them to focus on more value-adding tasks while performing their jobs.

The process automation also generates cost savings by eliminating manual and repetitive tasks for businesses – which frees up more resources for business transformation and innovation.

Our robotic process automation supports businesses by:

automating repetitive, mundane, and high volume tasks with low-value
increasing efficiency by enabling businesses to get more done in less time – robots work 24/7/365 without any break or day off
increasing efficiency by speeding up the processes – robots complete tasks at least 3 to 9 times faster than humans
increasing employee productivity and satisfaction by redirecting them to more challenging and value-adding tasks
eliminating mistakes and errors
enabling hybrid models to support our digital transformation journey

Why Mayen?

At Mayen, we do not only automate your rule-based processes but also design digital workforce solutions that are tailored to your business needs by leveraging our diverse capabilities:

  • 1

    Combined with our experience in customer relationship management, we identify and offer solutions to the optimization needs of our customers quickly and efficiently

  • 2

    Due to being a non-invasive technology, our robotic process automation (RPA) software requires minimum level of integration with your existing systems and most importantly, a very short development and deployment process

  • 3

    With our product-agnostic and process-oriented methodology, our focus is on your needs and your processes. We architect a solution for your needs, by using our diverse technology toolbox and know-how to provide you the most efficient and most value-adding solution

  • 4

    As the experts of customer experience management, we revolutionize the way you deliver customer satisfaction with our comprehensive digital services portfolio

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