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Just One Click Away

At Mayen, all recruitment processes for all open positions are run digitally. You are just one click away from the opportunity of making an application for an open vacancy.

As soon as you apply for a position, you will get involved in our Digital Recruitment Process, and you will have the opportunity to experience an online assessment and evaluation journey.

For all of our positions, all stages of our recruitment evaluation take place online. No matter where you are in the world, you are just a click away from the opportunity to get involved in our process and have a digital experience until the job proposal stage.

We See Potential. We Assess Competence and Motivation.

As Mayen, we believe in the importance of investing in new talents with potential. In addition to the minimum qualifications expected for open positions, the behavioural models, competencies, attitudes, and motivation factors of our candidates are considered primarily.

Our recruitment assessment and evaluation steps are:

  • Online application
  • Competence and language-based video interview
  • Competence-based interviews
  • Inventory and Assessment Centre applications
  • Position-based online tests
  • Reference check

We Care About Feedbacks

At Mayen, we care about feedback on our recruitment process. Our goal is not only to inform our candidates about the process but also to understand their candidate experience. We aim to create a positive candidate experience and improve such experience with the questions we ask during the recruitment process.

Our candidate experience survey results show us that 82% of candidates find digital recruitment system easy to use, and 98% are satisfied with online orientation.

Digital recruitment system usability: 82%

Online orientation satisfaction: 98%


At Mayen, we believe that possessing great potential and competence are the main factors that are required to achieve success.

Our Basic Competencies

What we expect from all Mayen teammates:


  • Effective communication
  • Customer-oriented approach
  • Solution-oriented approach
  • Result-oriented approach
  • Proactive approach
  • Cooperation
  • Analysis ability
  • Organizational commitment

Our Managerial Competencies

What we expect from Mayen leaders to do:

  • Develop teammates
  • Give feedback
  • Support continuous improvement
  • Direct teammates towards goals
  • Increase motivation
  • Ensure loyalty


Customer Service Representative

Customer service representative positions are a large part of our team. As Mayen, we create employment for our candidates who can express themselves in Turkish, Arabic, German, English, Dutch, Italian, Russian, Bulgarian, Finnish, Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian.

Exciting career opportunities await our teammates who want to start in this role in our Customer Service Operations. We aim to evaluate and develop our colleagues in the open positions created within the organization. By following the steps below, they shape their careers towards becoming Mayen leaders by being included in continuous development and training programs.

  • Internal Vacancy Announcement (Providing equal opportunity for everyone)
  • Performance Measurement
  • Assessment Centre
  • Training and Development opportunities for our promoted employees

New Graduate

We offer our newly graduated teammates the opportunity to work in all departments within our organization. We support women empowerment, and we combine our new graduate program with the Mayen Future Women Leaders Program.

Mayen Future Women Leaders Program

With Mayen Future Women Leaders Program, our main purpose is to train and develop young talents as leaders of the future. Talents are managed with a comprehensive program including selection-placement, orientation, training and development, rotation opportunities, mentoring and reverse mentoring, and career path.

Find more information about Future Women Leaders Program

Expert and Management Team

There are job opportunities at Mayen for professionals who are experts in their field. You can apply for our vacancies in the following departments:

  • R&D (Robotic Process Development, Software Development, Project Management, Business Intelligence, Competency)
  • Financial Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Customer Service Operations
  • Key Account Management
  • Corporate Strategy and Communication
  • Purchasing and Administrative Affairs
  • Process and Management
  • Operational Excellence
  • Resource Planning and Control
  • Business Insights and Customer Experience


At Mayen, we follow a leadership development approach in the light of our leadership mottos.

The Mayen leaders…

  • make decisions by adhering to Mayen's values under any circumstances; when leaders witness behaviours that do not adhere to these values, they get involved in the process at the right time, make clear communication, and become a role model of the values;
  • always put the interests of the company first while making decisions; the primary duty of leaders is to protect the rights of employees as well as the interests of Mayen;
  • seize opportunities, act with the freedom of entrepreneurship, take into account the success of the entire group, and lead the group;
  • pursue the information that they need to get from departments or customers, receive information effectively, and share it with their team; fulfil their tasks, take full responsibility therefor, and complete their work efficiently;
  • encourage their team to make decisions and prepare the ground that will support their team's decision-making; share information, ask for contributions and ideas, and communicate fairly and openly with their team;
  • are responsible for the long-term development of their teammates; leaders make plans, and support and monitor the development of their team members.
  • give and receive regular, clear, and explicit feedback to train and improve their team members’ performance;
  • know that making mistakes is a part of the learning process, and see the faults as an opportunity for improvement; leaders bear the obligation for their teammates and strive to help them gain concrete learning from their experiences;
  • always listen first to understand the issues at hand and then question and develop a solution.


Internal Promotion

At Mayen, our annual average internal promotion rate is 80%, and our main priority is to support the career path of our teammates in line with the development and back-up processes in senior position needs.

Assessment and Development Centre

Assessment and Development Centre applications are used to determine the suitability of our teammates for open positions, discover their strengths and development aspects, and carry a versatile evaluation. As Mayen, we care about using these objective and globally-proven programs while offering career opportunities to our members.

Performance Management

By taking into consideration a company's goals and strategies, we determine performance criteria with measurable and objective goals for each department (departmental goal) and individual (individual goal).

Progress Tracking and Backup

At Mayen, we support the continuous development of our teammates by identifying "talents" within the organization and determining key positions within the organization that may be needed in the future, in order to ensure business continuity and minimize risks.


  1. How can I apply for Mayen vacancies? 

You can apply for the vacancies on, Linkedin, and our Career page. Click here to apply! 

  1. What are the application criteria?

There are different competencies and technical expectations for each of our positions. You can apply by reviewing our vacancies from, Linkedin, and our Career page.

  1. How does Mayen’s recruitment process works?

After your application, your resumes are examined meticulously by our Recruitment Officers, and if they find your resume suitable, we contact you. We keep you informed at every step of our online recruitment process.

Mayen’s Human Resources Management was honoured with Best Employer award in 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019.