Customer Journey Mapping (CJM)

Customer journey mapping is a globally accepted solution as a primary starting point to comprehend your business from your customer’s perspective by revealing the user experience, gather the Voice of Customer as well as other supportive data, and put it all in one place.

Customer journey maps are designed to show every customer interaction with your company, which means that maps can represent customer needs, feelings, pain points, and wow points. Maps generally focus on a specific part of the journey or provide an understanding of the entire experience. Mayen’s customer journey mapping solution offers assistance in visualizing customer experiences with animated videos to see problem areas and negative/positive experiences clearly in a customers’ end-to-end journey.


Mayen’s customer journey mapping solution gets stakeholders on the same page and helps companies prioritize their decisions on how and where to invest company resources in order to increase brand loyalty and awareness.

By using customer journey mapping to create an exceptional customer experience while spreading the customer experience culture throughout the entire organization, businesses obtain an advantage in their markets.


Customer experience has a game-changer effect in many organizations in today’s world where price and product no longer have the final say on customer decisions. Customer journey mapping helps maintain a better understanding of customer emotions, expectations, and pain points, which subsequently lead to customer loyalty.

For a well-maintained customer experience (CX), customer journey mapping plays a crucial part. Customer satisfaction aims to ensure that customers’ expectations are met, and by achieving this, customer loyalty is maintained and increased.

Customer journey mapping identifies the areas where you can improve customer experience. With  analyses of customer journey maps, you will be able to pinpoint any communication or service gaps.

Why Mayen?

Mayen’s customer journey mapping (CJM) solution helps businesses easily understand end-to-end customer journey with animated videos, by:

  • 1

    Visualizing customer experiences with animated videos through which problematic areas and negative experiences can be seen clearly

  • 2

    Offering a unique opportunity that comes with business insights outcomes which can be helpful in better understanding your customers’ journeys, and more importantly in guiding you as to which part of the journey to focus on

  • 3

    Identifying different groups of customers showing similar behaviours and creating journeys for each group to indicate their expectations, feelings, and pain points on every touch point

  • 4

    Offering assistance upon request to make sure that maps reflect the current state of customer experience since it is an on-going process and businesses continue to develop

  • 5

    Using a digital tool that will bring your journey map to life and prompt you not only to serve customers on the right channel, at the right time and place, but also to communicate with them in the right format

  • 6

    Offering integrated process design and robotic process automation (RPA) services through which you can create synergies to easily implement actions for better customer experience and optimization

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