Process Design

Process design (PD) is a solution that helps map out the current process of a brand by conducting a workshop with relative business units and revealing areas of improvement after an extensive analysis.

Process design is the act of transforming the vision, objectives, and available assets of a business into discernible and quantifiable methods for achieving the company’s vision. It is used to determine the workflow and implementation requirements for a particular process, by using tools, including flowcharts and scale models. Majorel Turkey’s process design solution offers the ability to execute a benchmark study within the competition environment and presents alternative solutions based on companies’ current strategies.


Process design solutions are helpful in the absence of corporate memory or when there is no ownership of processes in a business. It is created to solve bottlenecks in processes and combine various practices for the same process within a company.

Majorel Turkey’s process design solutions carry out benchmark practices in national or international dimensions, allow to-the-point identification of problematic areas, assign process owners and responsible parties, allow businesses to gain corporate memory with mapped processes, and determine the needs for robotic process automation (RPA) and software development solutions for any business.


Majorel Turkey’s process design solution assists companies in understanding business techniques by helping them discover various approaches in order to improve their work strategies to expand output, their productivity profits, and efficiency.

By creating a perfect design that is simple enough for everyone to understand the whole procedure, Majorel Turkey’s process design solution allows you to run your large organization successfully. With every person in the business being aware of the work process, operations, and goals,  transparency within the company is increased

Why Mayen?

Majorel Turkey’s process design solutions are here to design your business processes by:

  • 1

    Implementing process design improvement opportunities and eliminating repeated steps in processes that are of no value

  • 2

    Removing risk of uncertainty by mapping out processes and assigning roles when employees who carry out a particular process quit their job

  • 3

    Increasing productivity by implementing robotic process automation (RPA) and software development solutions to create continuous workflow in processes

  • 4

    Helping companies address problems by offering them documented process maps as well as allowing them to gain corporate memory

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