Quick Call Reason Scan

Quick Call Reason Scan solution enables systematic collection and in-depth analysis of calls by using a web-based tool to understand the reasons that increase call volume regarding customer demands, services, products, information, and operational issues.

Mayen offers this solution to businesses which need a quick diagnosis and deep-dive analysis of incoming customer interactions in order to simplify customer journeys, determine the areas of improvement for a fast transformation, and achieve accurate prioritization.


Quick Call Reason Scan is here to help our clients decrease contact center costs, increase customer
satisfaction, carry out a quick diagnosis of incoming interactions, determine process improvement
opportunities, and prioritize development requests.
Quick Call Reason Scan provides resources to reveal recurrent customer calls, capture the moment of
truth without listening to random calls, demonstrate the volume of main reasons that trigger customers
to communicate with the company, and identify the most common errors in products, services and all
communications with customers that increase call volume.


For a better understanding of customers, the required incoming interaction data are collected by Quick Call Reason Scan customer service representatives, which is one of the most important features that distinguishes this solution from conventional Voice of Customer and speech analytics projects as it allows the moments of truth to be captured without spending time on-call listening.

Why Mayen?

Quick Call Reason Scan help businesses understand their customers by:

  • 1

    Focusing on the root cause analysis of incoming calls during projects, identifying recurrent customer problems, revealing errors in products, services, and information-sharing activities that increase the call volume, and offering potential solutions to self-service problems

  • 2

    Identifying communications that can be eliminated, automated, simplified, and leveraged, as a result of which, the call center costs decrease while customer satisfaction increases

  • 3

    Revealing company costs spent on customer service efforts pertaining to incoming communications, self-service usage, and customer potential, via a small group of customer service representatives, and by helping companies monitor the benefits of actions taken

  • 4

    Presenting quick (4-6 week) and effective results, and easy-to-monitor methodology without straining the budgets

  • 5

    Offering integrated process design and robotic process automation (RPA) services through which you can create synergies to easily implement actions for better customer experience and optimization.

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