Social Media Quick Scan (SMQS)

Social media quick scan (SMQS) is quantitative and qualitative research process to help identify a company’s interactions on various social media channels within a selected time frame.

Majorel Turkey’s social media quick scan solution examines activities and users on public social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and complaint forums related to your business, and understands and analyses customer interactions.


The objective of the social media quick scan solution is to have a deeper and better understanding of how companies interact with their customers and discover new opportunities for brands in this respect.

Social media quick scan merges data-driven analyses with Majorel Turkey’s expertise on how to achieve desired customer service via social media channels. We scan the online presence of your brand or organization and give you advice on your brand strategy.


Social media quick scan provides various insights about customer experience, which are useful for customer services, such as customer interactions, solution of customer problems, customer appreciation, and brand awareness.

Majorel Turkey’s social media quick scan solution helps companies get a better understanding of their customers’ expectations, concerns, and reactions. Our solution assists brands in maintaining a close relationship with their customers, predicting customer reactions to new products or services, and reacting to possible issues more efficiently.

Why Mayen?

Majorel Turkey’s innovative social media quick scan (SMQS) solution:

  • 1

    Positions Majorel Turkey as a collaborative partner of your business which can add value to your customer satisfaction processes

  • 2

    Shows a detailed approach to understanding the client’s customer experience

  • 3

    Provides benchmark analyses on popular social media channels

  • 4

    Discovers what works or what does not work for a brand, how your social media channels perform, or how your campaigns are perceived by social media users

  • 5

    Offers opportunities to create synergy, with the help of Majorel Turkey Consultancy services; Voice of Customer, Process Design, Customer Experience, and Robotic Process Automation solutions

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