Voice of Customer (VoC)

Voice of Customer (VoC) solution assists your customer service representatives and turns them into experts who understand the root causes of customers’ issues and discover the pain points.

While Voice of Customer (VoC) provides an understanding of customer demands, services, products, and information, it also helps your organization become agile, turn opportunities into actions, and improve the holistic customer experiences. Voice of Customer (VoC) offers a systematic collection and in-depth analysis of incoming communications by using a workflow-based tool.


Voice of Customer (VoC) solution allows businesses to understand their customers with the help of incoming calls, live chat, e-mails, and after-call surveys that are done by customer service representatives.

Voice of Customer (VoC) assists brands in increasing customer satisfaction, revealing channel potentials to lead companies’ digitalization process, determining process improvement opportunities, decreasing call center costs, and prioritizing development requests. Voice of Customer (VoC) presents resources to create an awareness of digital channel usage, reveal recurrent customer calls and issues, capture the moment of truth without listening to random calls, demonstrate the volume of main reasons that trigger customers to communicate with the company, and identify errors in product, services and all communications with customers that increase call volume.


By gathering genuine and unaltered customer opinions, Voice of Customer (VoC) contributes to improvement of companies’ existing services and communication strategies, offers an extensive understanding of expectations of customers, and increases customer loyalty.

By guaranteeing a profound comprehension of customer interactions and of the way customers perceive and define your brand, we enable you to maintain your brand status and protect the reputation of your business.
By listening to your customers and knowing their expectations from your brand, you will be able to ensure the future success of new products and to pinpoint which products or services your customers expect from you and are willing to pay for. This is a significant factor that has an impact on success or failure of new products or services.

Why Mayen?

Mayen’s comprehensive Voice of Customer solution, Voice of Customer (VoC) supports businesses to understand their customers, by:

  • 1

    Focusing on the root cause analysis of incoming calls during a project, identifying recurrent customer problems, revealing errors in products, services, and information-sharing activities that increase the call volume, and by offering potential solutions to self-service problems

  • 2

    Identifying communications that can be eliminated, automated, simplified, and leveraged, as a result of which, the call center costs decrease while customer satisfaction increases

  • 3

    Revealing company costs spent on customer service efforts pertaining to incoming communications, self-service usage, and customer potential, via a small group of customer service representatives, and by helping companies monitor the benefits of actions taken

  • 4

    Offering effective and detailed results and easy-to-monitor methodology at a reasonable price

Meet our experts

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