CRM Workspace

The CRM workspace system is a new generation customer management tool. Customer calls, their requests, approvals, disapprovals, communication preferences and numbers they have called, and all records are collected by the system and used for certain actions for brand communication & satisfaction.

Mayen’s CRM workspace solution records incoming calls with different criteria and enables the performance of various operations on these records. It helps brands access their customers’ data from any device anywhere and at any time.


CRM Workspace system helps businesses track leads, manage customer relationships, and organize their operations team in a way that it will function in one place via a digital platform.

Mayen’s CRM workspace provides numerous tools to record all online customer interactions, automates various processes, and assists brands’ teams with features that track and measure the company’s performance and productivity.


CRM Workspace combines software, business strategies, and activities to help build a strong bond between brands and their customers. All necessary strategies, tools, and techniques are provided to businesses for developing, retaining, and acquiring customers.

Mayen’s CRM workspace assists brands in various organizational units, and thus not only customer service and sales departments but also marketing, business development, and recruiting departments  benefit from CRM Workspace to manage an excellent business process.
With CRM workspace, you can store all the customer information in one place and identify sales opportunities and manage marketing campaigns by using the existing data. By easy access to data, all the partners can work in synch on different processes, which will increase productivity.
All customer data storage processes are carried out in compliance with GDPR & KVKK (Turkish Act on Protection of Personal Data) or any other local regulations.

Why Mayen?

Mayen’s CRM workspace:

  • 1

    Creates synergy via customer experience mapping, automation, process design, and Voice of Customer solutions

  • 2

    Accommodates customer-specific needs and offers easily-adaptable solution screens

  • 3

    Offers approval and escalation processes for evaluation of records

  • 4

    Allows records to be marked with various statuses

  • 5

    Offers a reporting mechanism that enables performance of analyses of records

  • 6

    Enables performance of data analyses

  • 7

    Has a parametric service structure that allows easy integration in a dynamic structure

Meet our experts

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