Multi-Channel Customer Care

Multi-channel customer care solution provides customer support by using different platforms to enable customers with multiple routes and options to figure out how they want to communicate with a brand when they want to do so.

Mayen’s multi-channel customer care solution helps the customer of your brand reach customer services through more than one dimension. Customers can choose whichever channel they prefer, whether it is the phone, e-mail, live chat, whatsapp, chatbox or social media, and how or when to reach customer care. It gives customers a flexible, quick, and convenient way of resolving their problems.


There are many multidirectional points of communication through which customers can contact customer service centers. Brands can take advantage of these multiple and varied touchpoints whenever they want to create an opportunity to make a positive impression on each customer.

With Mayen’s multi-channel customer care solution that takes into account brands’ needs and requests, we help businesses achieve a dynamic position with accessibility from different branches in customer communication, via e-mail, social media, live chat, whatsapp, and chatbox in addition to phone.


Multi-channel customer care solution offers businesses many different ways to interact with their customers. Brands can communicated with their customers on the channel they prefer to use while serving and supporting them through more than one channel.

It gives businesses the benefit of dealing with customer requests and complaints more quickly.

With multi-channel customer care, all the needed information can be accessed from any channel, and the customer is given the best support at every contact point. It makes it easy for customers to multitask and switch between channels.

Mayen’s multi-channel customer care allows customer service representatives to access historical customer behaviour statistics and records to provide faster support. It enables more extensive customer and contact center analyses.

Why Mayen?

With Mayen’s multi-channel customer care solution:

  • 1

    The desired impressions are made on potential customers through different contact points

  • 2

    An improved brand image is created by standing out in all channels that are frequently accessed

  • 3

    Superior and effective customer participation, satisfaction, and loyalty are provided

  • 4

    Many different ways to interact with customers are offered

  • 5

    Customer touchpoints and communication speed are increased

  • 6

    A competitive advantage is gained by customers

  • 7

    Sales opportunities are created via multi-channels when customers reach the brand

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