Sales and Collection

Sales and collection solutions are created to help businesses have their sales and collection processes carried out on behalf of them smoothly and efficiently.

As Mayen, we support sales activities and increase revenues with the most appropriate strategies for brands, while also monitoring receivables and performing collection services.


Sales management solution assists businesses to strengthen their sales, create sales opportunities, and reach potential customers in both domestic and foreign markets; on the other hand, collection management solutions achieve collection of overdue receivables with the help of expert teams.

Mayen’s sales team works as a sales branch for businesses, carries out B2B and B2C sales, and guides them with our after-sales support services. Mayen’s collection team takes charge of businesses’ all receivables collection processes, works as a collector for businesses while establishing a good bond with their customers, and makes collections efficiently.


Mayen’s sales management solution increases revenues of brands by gaining new customers for them and helps ensuring continuity of customer satisfaction for existing customers. With our expert team and know-how, we create profits for businesses.

Mayen’s collection management solution collects receivables on time with the help of a team of professionals. We produce exclusive collection solutions for companies and projects and ensure that sound analyses are made by creating appropriate reporting processes for customer segments through strategic partnerships.

Mayen has become the largest sales & collection channel for brands.

Why Mayen?

With Mayen’s sales and collection solutions:

  • 1

    We increase customer satisfaction by providing best offers, expectation management, and personalized services

  • 2

    We increase businesses’ reach with innovative strategies and alternative methods in addition to traditional methods, and support them in achieving the best sales results

  • 3

    Customer portfolio, data management, and its revenues are increased in line with the sales targets of companies

  • 4

    The right customer is reached at the right time through the right channel, by segmentation of customers and data management, and collection is ensured

  • 5

    Cash flow balance is achieved by eliminating inefficient business processes in “collection”, on which companies lack the necessary expertise

  • 6

    The volume of non-performing receivables of companies is reduced

  • 7

    The payment habits of customers of companies are brought up to the expected level

  • 8

    We provide an excellent understanding of customer psychology both for sales and collection activities in order to maintain positive customer experience

Meet our experts

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