Technical Support

Technical support solution helps businesses solve any technical problems that customers face or answer questions about their products or services.

Majorel Turkey’s technical support solution is a suitable service for companies who want to guarantee customer satisfaction when a customer has problems with a product or service.


Technical support includes various services that businesses provide to their customers regarding their products, which are software or hardware such as printers, modems, and other electronic devices. Technical support solution assists customers in need of solving certain common problems.

With Majorel Turkey’s expert team and innovative processes, technical support can be delivered to customers via phone, e-mail, live chat, or specialized software. Our technical support representatives have knowledge of products and their technical expertise will help customers with any problem they may have. With Majorel Turkey’s extensive experience in many sectors and many services with an international scope, we provide technical support in three different levels:

Level 0: Informational calls. If there is a technical question, the call is forwarded without even simple fault detection. All of the services below are provided at this level except for server support.

Level 1: Simple fault detection steps are applied. The fault is detected. If there is a software malfunction, a remote solution is produced.

Level 2: In software malfunctions, the problem originating from the operating system is detected and suggestions are made for a solution. If there is a hardware failure, the defective part is routed to the technical department, and the part is configured upon its arrival.

With our technical support solution, we provide assistance and maintenance services to all users in their technological system installation, configuration, update of hardware, and software, as well as in fixing any issue based on end-user requests, such as those listed below:


Majorel Turkey’s expert technical support team has all the necessary knowledge regarding possible technical problems in software and hardware products. With our specially appointed representative, a self-service knowledge base, and our service concept, solutions are provided to solve problems that are specific to companies and sectors.

Our technical support team works in collaboration with businesses’ existing technical teams. We work out the problems that require collaboration with in-house departments and that need to be fixed with a project approach. Customer processes regarding after-sales & technical support are also carried out smoothly. 

Majorel Turkey’s well-trained technical support representatives assist businesses help their customers in a timely manner. 

Why Mayen?

With our technical support team and representatives, who are tech-savvy, we, as Majorel Turkey, help businesses:

  • 1

    Ensure customer satisfaction under any condition

  • 2

    Have clear communication skills and the creativity to understand customer problems and concerns even without being physically by their side

  • 3

    Add value to their business by producing high-quality solutions to their problems as quickly as possible

  • 4

    Ensure that the problems that their customers may encounter are solved in a fast, effective, and correct manner

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