Digital Learning and Development Platform: Maylantis

Digital learning and development platform Maylantis is created to standardize and optimize training processes and to ensure productivity and continuous improvement for your business.

Maylantis is a learning experience platform where training and development processes of your employees can be planned, monitored, and reported, for facilitating your digital transformation process. With Maylantis, different learning processes such as online education and classroom training are managed from a single point. Audios, videos, and presentations can be shared during trainings which are suitable for interacting with participants by using a whiteboard. Fast and interactive applications are carried out with different modules, independent of time and space.


With a digital learning and development strategy, you can shape the way your company uses digital learning in all its forms. From blog posts to webinars and videos to online courses, you can make use of different resources to help your employees learn or develop new skills and increase their performances.

Maylantis is a holistic solution designed to meet quality, feedback, and communication requirements of any business as well as helping with their training and development activities. It is a flexible platform that can be developed in line with the demands and needs of our clients.


With Maylantis, you can create development programs that are suitable for your learning goals and new generation learning processes, and offer them to your employees in an easy-to-follow structure.

By combining your learning and development journey with our rich tools and content, you can support programs consisting of exams, e-trainings, videos, digital materials, classroom training, and tasks supported by social groups.
With Maylantis, a fast and secure communication environment is created for businesses and for their customers that allow them to achieve sustainability in standardization, optimization, efficiency, and development in their training processes.

Why Mayen?

With Mayen Maylantis, different tasks can be carried out for your business, such as:

  • 1

    Recording employee feedbacks on areas of development digitally and monitoring, analysing, and making improvements on the feedbacks

  • 2

    Measuring the level of service quality in operations through quality assessment forms and determining areas with a room for quality improvement through evaluation outputs

  • 3

    Carrying out measurement and evaluation processes digitally with functions such as behavioural questionnaires, by which managers can evaluate behavioural changes in employees after a certain period of training

  • 4

    Providing e-training by following international standards and managing in-class trainings with planning, execution, and cost components

  • 5

    Easily measuring the thoughts and tendencies of employees on any subject

  • 6

    With multi-language support, which is currently available in German, English, and Turkish, you can benefit from Mayen Education and Development Platform features for your global organization. Any other language support can also be added upon request.

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