People Analytics

People Analytics is a collection of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) tools that companies use to extract knowledge and optimize their human resources (HR) and operational decision-making processes. People analytics helps businesses obtain information from their historical records and use it to choose better candidates, assist employees to flourish their potentials, and improve career life of each employee.

In business life, the greatest resource and value is human, especially for large organizations. As Mayen, we advocate that once we understand humans and predict human behaviour, we can achieve sustainable success. Our existing systems have big data about thousands of candidates and employees. Our people analytics solution helps you understand your employees with the help of numbers, and supports the decision-making process with data rather than assumptions about human-related matters. With our provided data, we guide you to take the right actions for your company.

Mayen’s People Analytics solution was honoured with the “Most Innovative Digital Solution of the Year” award in 2019.


Mayen’s People Analytics solution is used to assist businesses to make more precise decisions about their human workforce. With the help of people data, employee journeys are shaped and remodelled. Mayen’s People Analytics solution supports companies with unlimited questions they may have regarding their employees, through data sets.

People Analytics Solution is the medium we use to answer the following questions:

Are we hiring the right person?
What is the special factor that should be taken into account regarding best-performing employees?
How can we ensure engagement?
Why do some employees decide to leave a company after only a short period?

As Mayen, we use three main tools to answer these questions:

Diagnostic tools which enable us to determine why some events happen. Not only do we indicate and summarize a past event, but we can also drill down to find the root cause for the said event. With diagnostic tools, we analyse and model the data to find out why some employees perform better than others.

Predictive tools which are used to foresee what will happen in the future. If there are patterns, periodical, and otherwise, we identify them and predict what will happen in the future, by drawing on our knowledge and experience. With predictive tools, we estimate the probability of an employee leaving her/his job.

Prescriptive tools which tell us what we should do and guide us in our next step. We gather and evaluate our historical data to have valuable insight into the ways of optimizing our decisions.


With the help of our People Analytics, recruitment processes are run smoothly. We recruit the most suitable candidates who will display the best performance when compared to others within the candidate pool. It strengthens decision-making processes with statistically-proven findings and helps businesses hire more suitable candidates.

As Mayen, we can help you minimize high turnover rates and increase the motivation of the employees with accurate algorithmic bonus mechanisms. The combination of these optimized decisions and processes increases the quality of your team and results in the best experience for your employees & customers.

Our People Analytics solution undertakes the processes of sourcing, hiring, training, and nurturing the right people for your business. These processes are time-consuming, and our guidance saves you time.

Why Mayen?

The future of employee journey and customer experience is interlaced with digitalization and automated and personalized decision-making. With our know-how in BPO in different sectors, Mayen supports businesses through people analytics in various ways, including by:

  • 1

    combining the latest technologies to give companies an advantage in the market in providing the highest quality services to their customers;

  • 2

    providing our know-how and the services of our expert team in order to carry out proven studies and achieve results with big data, and creating a difference for businesses;

  • 3

    predicting the reasons for which employees leave their jobs and ensuring that you take the right actions to reduce unwanted employee departures;

  • 4

    allowing companies to identify employees with high loyalty before the recruitment process;

  • 5

    assisting companies to establish the right rewarding mechanisms for employees;

  • 6

    increasing the performance of sales teams;

  • 7

    helping brands set smart goals for monitoring performance, and preventing them from spending effort on parameters that do not affect performance.

Meet our experts

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