Social Media Monitoring and Engagement

Social media monitoring and engagement solutions measure the shares, likes, and comments of a brand’s customers on social media. It is used to identify how to evaluate the success of social media marketing strategies, and communicate with customers, and watch out for competition, anywhere in the world.

Mayen’s social media monitoring and engagement solution helps businesses improve their customer service and customer satisfaction by connecting with customers in real time and being part of the conversations on social media platforms. By monitoring the way your customers engage with your brand’s social channels, the channels they most prefer, the frequency and content of the posts, or the most engaging posts, we gather information on the needs and expectations of the customers and assist you to shape or reshape the way customers perceive your brand and the experience they have.


Customers use different social media channels, and brands are obliged to keep up with them on every platform. The popularity of a brand or company is calculated by obtaining information from social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, blogs, news sites, social networking sites, video/photo-sharing sites, forums, message boards, and occasionally user-generated blogs.

With Mayen’s social media monitoring and engagement solution, we can track online mentions of your brand, engage with customers in real time, keep an eye on important messages and reactions, and identify brand advocates. Successful social media monitoring and engagement contribute to customer care strategy while satisfaction of customer expectations, customer loyalty and brand visibility are achieved.


Mayen’s social media monitoring and engagement solution measures current trends in the industry to create, develop, and support targeted marketing strategies. A better marketing strategy establishes meaningful connections with current and future customers and strengthens your brand both online and offline. By ensuring a large audience, a relevant customer base is reached.

Mayen’s social media monitoring and engagement solution performs analyses based on different criteria such as time spent on the page, click-through rate, content-sharing, comments, and text analytics to determine positive or negative feelings about the brand by collecting different data. With the help of data collected, selection and implementation of the required or desired marketing strategy are facilitated based on findings on customer experience obtained by monitoring of social media movements.

Why Mayen?

With Mayen’s outstanding social media monitoring and engagement solution:

  • 1

    An improved brand image is created by standing out in all channels that are frequently accessed

  • 2

    Marketing strategies are developed according to the demands and needs of the targeted customer base

  • 3

    Strong and effective interactions with customers are ensured through various and multiple contact points

  • 4

    Performance of data analyses based on different criteria is enabled

  • 5

    Meaningful and traceable connections with customers are established

  • 6

    Mayen’s customer service knowhow is transferred into the scope of social media interactions and a holistic approach to customer experiences is provided

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