Nearshore Services

Number #1 nearshore service provider in Turkey that provides services in 12 languages

Nearshore services are suitable for companies that prefer customer services in a country other than the one that the service is provided. The need for higher service quality along with the need for human resources brought the nearshore services to a prominent status for businesses. With Mayen’s nearshore services, contact center services are provided from different locations around the world in addition to working-from-home model, which allow brands to establish customer satisfaction with geographical, cultural, and economic advantages that we provide.


In Mayen’s multilingual nearshore service centers, we offer our clients a unique customer experience of high quality. All solutions and services provided by Mayen in this respect are included in our nearshore services. We serve our clients with contact centers solutions, digital solutions, robotic process automation (RPA), consultancy and customer experience and business insights solutions, and business process outsourcing (BPO) services, offered in 12 different languages.

With our nearshore services offered in German, Dutch, Turkish, English, Arabic, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Hebrew, French, Russian, and Bulgarian, we help businesses eliminate distances and time-zone overlaps while providing the help of native customer service representatives to their customers who are subject to tax regulations different from other countries.


Mayen’s 16 years of experience in nearshore services present several benefits for businesses. Currently, with more than 1000 native customer service representatives providing services in different languages, we reach out to your customers in any part of the world in a fast and flexible way at reasonable prices.

With Mayen’s nearshore services, we offer high-quality service via our team of experts and our know-how in customer experience. By assisting your customers, resolving their issues at first attempt, and ensuring customer satisfaction, we create an excellent customer experience for your brands.

With our big team of customer service representatives and our technical knowledge, we effectively help your customers and with our fast and flexible solutions, we respond to customers quickly and efficiently. In our agile structure and work force management, we manage ramp-ups and ramp-downs for anytime of the year. Mayen’s prime-quality nearshore service prices are more reasonable than those offered in the European market. We create cost advantages for brands without compromising our quality and services.

Why Mayen?

As Mayen, we provide businesses with nearshore services through our global family:

  • 1

    We serve in different industries with our employees who are competent in 12 languages. The languages ​​we serve in are: German, Dutch, Turkish, English, Arabic, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Hebrew, French, Russian, and Bulgarian

  • 2

    With Mediterranean lifestyle relocation packages for employees, we can create pools for different languages on demand

  • 3

    With more than 1000 employees providing services in foreign languages in Turkey, we make a difference in the industry, and we continue to grow every day

  • 4

    We respond quickly to changing conditions and sudden customer demands with our flexible structure and business-doing style

  • 5

    We manage ramp-ups and ramp-downs for your business needs, any time of the year

  • 6

    We have a live candidate pool available in different languages, and we use the potential in Turkey in the most effective manner

  • 7

    We establish new operations and meet our customer demands in the fastest way possible by using the infrastructure that we have invested in and developed for many years, by making use of our live management network, and by offering fast and flexible solutions in terms of IT infrastructure

  • 8

    We create employment in this sector in Turkey, and we bring together different cultures under one roof

  • 9

    We guarantee high-quality services offered via native speakers, continuous education and development, and support of highly-motivated teams

  • 10

    Working-from-home model allows us to unleash the available language potential to the maximum extent

  • 11

    Our IT infrastructure is flexible which can adapt to your system with easy and fast integrations. We offer systems that you can continue to use on your own or you can switch to our infrastructure or benefit from our mixed models

  • 12

    We provide services at more affordable prices compared to those offered in the European market

  • 13

    Our nearshore services have received many awards and we are the number #1 nearshore service provider in Turkey that offers services in 12 languages

  • 14

    We dominate the market and the industry and we are proud to be a pioneer and leader in Turkey

  • 15

    With nearshore services, we continue to offer value-added business to any part of the world with our ever-expanding global customer portfolio

  • 16

    With our 17 years of industry experience, we transfer our expertise in this field also to our business partners

Meet our experts

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