Accounting Services

Accounting outsourcing is a new feature of financial services that enables companies to carry out their financial processes with the support of companies and teams that are specialized in this field, through business process outsourcing (BPO) instead of in-house methods.

Mayen’s accounting service is a suitable service for companies that want to carry out their financial processes at lower costs rather than using in-house methods, and in a fast, professional, and innovative way, and to increase their financial performance.


Outsourcing your accounting processes simply means hiring a company to provide accounting as well as reporting services to fulfil your business needs. Mayen’s accounting services offer excellent measurement, processing, and communication services with financial information about economic entities including financial accounting, management accounting, auditing, cost containment and taxation, and accounting information systems.

Nowadays all companies are concerned about digitalization and are faced with the need of digitalizing their accounting systems and simultaneously adapting their manual processes and accomplishing other goals. With Mayen’s outsourcing accounting services, we support you in digitalizing your finance and accounting systems to have a faster and cost-efficient financial reporting process. Moreover, our robotic process automation team provides you with tailor-made solutions for your financial and accounting processes. In addition to regular accounting services, we provide accounting services for R&D Centers. Mayen’s accounting services help brands design a strategy about R&D projects and resort to applicable incentives and grants for an existing business. We carry out this process by providing assistance throughout the whole application process, including by preparing periodical fiscal reports, performing audit of exemption amounts and tax returns, training employees who will work for R&D activities, reorganizing in-house structures, leading R&D activities for future objectives, and keeping companies informed and updated about potential developments.


Outsourcing accounting service speeds up the innovation schedule of businesses, helps them improve compliance and accuracy in reporting, promotes the growth of share value and sustainability, and facilitates reporting and audit processes by initiating a stable and sustainable closing process.

Accounting requires a certain level of expertise and a professional need to keep up to date. Mayen outsourcing service provides businesses with information that will help them comply with local GAAPs and IFRS as well as management reporting, and requires continuity to keep the operations up and running.  

With the assistance of Mayen, outsourcing your accounting operations will be creating significant cost benefits to your organization, not only from a financial perspective but also in terms of effective utilization of sources. Outsourcing accounting processes supports the profitability of your company in face of the demand to reduce costs to the lowest level possible depending on the size of your company.

Outsourcing accounting services can eliminate the risk of increased workload thanks to the assistance of a large team of accounting experts and can easily allocate resources when needed, while also providing business continuity without having to deal with maternity leave, sick leave, annual leave, or retention risks.

Why Mayen?

Mayen’s accounting outsourcing services are created to:

  • 1

    Provide maximum quality and a rewarding service by taking charge of one of the departments of a company that should demonstrate the best functioning

  • 2

    Help finance leaders move the finance function from a traditional bookkeeping and retrospective function to a predictable and proactive mind-set supported by smart insights, and redesign finance processes with international experience, an innovative approach, and with the help of a global network of people

  • 3

    Present innovative and customer-specific approaches and new generation financial solutions created within the framework of a different solution approach for each customer, by drawing on the international experience gained so far

  • 4

    Offer specific automation via Mayen’s robotic process automation (RPA) function, which is exclusive to your organization’s needs and saves you time and efforts on the basis of manpower per day

  • 5

    Bring high-level customer service understanding and capacity to offer integrated digital solutions, thereby paving the way for creating digital solutions compatible with each other not only in the field of finance but in every field that the customer needs assistance within the framework of Mayen’s philosophy of “creating customer enthusiasm”

Meet our experts

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