Online Recruitment Services

Online recruitment services involve online sources that businesses use for recruitment and selection of candidates. Online sources include social media, job listings, resume databases, online testing, and assessments. Mayen’s online recruitment services combine all of these technologies to provide smooth online recruitment processes for brands.

We provide online recruitment services to companies with the perspective of creating resources and placing the right person in the right position quickly and effectively.


Online recruitment services provide businesses with various Internet-based solutions such as social media, online advertising, job listings, and company websites to source and hire the best candidates.

Businesses can benefit from this service when they have difficulty in generating resources or when they cannot create time for this purpose. With Mayen’s online recruitment services, we manage the recruitment process in the most efficient way with different career portals and resources. We are particularly good at creating funds in niche positions and collective recruitment.


Online recruitment services help brands reach a bigger audience. The internet gives businesses big exposure and creates a large pool of potential candidates. It is the most effective and efficient way in recruitment processes.

Mayen’s online recruitment services provide fast and efficient recruitment processes at reasonable budget. Recruitment costs are among the highest expense items for many businesses, and those expenses include hiring, training, and subsequent retention of a candidate. We help businesses by supporting their online recruitment and training procedures, thereby eliminating their need to invest in these areas.

Online recruitment services make use of various tools to screen, assess, and test candidates. These services enable companies to find qualified candidates who embrace their culture and values. The process saves time while creating efficiency in recruitment of employees.

Why Mayen?

Mayen’s online recruitment services provide many advantages:

  • 1

    Mayen offers you the opportunity to create synergy with its own People Analytics solution in order to recruit the best candidates for your organizational needs

  • 2

    By keeping our finger on the pulse of the sector and analysing the market dynamics, we determine the relevant needs in advance and thus aim to offer our customers the right candidates at the right time

  • 3

    With our accurate and efficient recruitment tools such as competence-based interviews, assessment centers, and inventory, we add value to your recruitment process

  • 4

    We create the best employee journey experience for your candidates and your potential employees with our know-how in customer and employee journey

  • 5

    With dynamic big recruitment team, we create resources and provide a fast and effective recruitment experience

  • 6

    We work with a competent team experienced in the recruitment process for the creation of your native speaker candidate pool which will include candidates who can offer services in different languages and different positions

  • 7

    We always act fast with a customer focus via our innovative team that can easily adapt to changes

  • 8

    We understand our clients’ needs and always guide them in this respect

  • 9

    During the recruitment process, you will be one step ahead by offering a good start with a positive experience, and you will be able to continue this employee journey with Mayen’s Digital Education & Development Platform that will add value to your organization

Meet our experts

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