Payroll Services

Payroll services help businesses engage an external party to handle all payroll-related activities of their company.

Mayen’s payroll services mean that businesses can eliminate the need to recruit and train a large in-house payroll staff, purchase and integrate appropriate software package for payroll functions, and stay up-to-date on complex tax regulations.


Payroll outsourcing functions are often preferred to lower the cost and save the time required to deal with financial tasks related to payroll. Outsourcing payroll activities are beneficial for any type of business, regardless of whether the organization has a large payroll or a medium/small payroll.

Payroll processes include matters pertaining to Labour Law, Social Insurance Law, Income Tax Law, Law of Obligations, and other environmental legislation, and must comply with the Personal Data Protection Laws (GDPR & KVKK) due to the confidential and personal data it involves. Mayen manages this complex structure on behalf of your company. With Mayen’s payroll outsourcing services, various activities such as keeping employee records of customers, calculating employees’ salaries and wages, calculating and adding bonuses, distributing payrolls, creating reports on payrolls, and complying with the governmental tax laws are carried out.


With payroll outsourcing, the process of creation and retention of all employee records is facilitated and the complexity and burden of having to deal with payroll issues and payroll-related in-house activities is reduced.

Mayen’s payroll services help businesses and increase business efficiency while reducing cost and minimizing risks. Our customers receive up-to-date information and services on changing regulations and requirements, and accurate records are kept.
With Mayen’s payroll services, important data management, better data integrity, as well as visibility of payroll processing and audit tracking are provided. Payroll data and legal files of your company are prepared accurately and timely while customer and corporate data are protected on highly secure servers, thereby ensuring safety of your critical information.

Why Mayen?

With Mayen’s payroll outsourcing services, all the tasks related to payroll are carried out effectively and efficiently:

  • 1

    An outsourced solution of Mayen will give your company peace of mind and allow you to save time, thereby ultimately saving you money and reducing compliance risks

  • 2

    An outsourced solution of Mayen helps you deliver the payroll experience your employees deserve

  • 3

    Mayen’s payroll services increases your company’s capabilities without your company having to make investments

  • 4

    Mayen’s payroll services saves efforts on manpower per day basis monthly

  • 5

    Payroll outsourcing provides relief to clients as an employer and allows them to concentrate on their core business functions

  • 6

    Customers are supported in furthering their work on strategic tasks

  • 7

    Clients are accompanied by a team of experts dealing with many areas of human resources and payroll

Meet our experts

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