Testing Services

Outsourcing testing services provide businesses the opportunity to test their services end to end on their software, applications, websites, or marketplaces. While the applications are being implemented, they must be passed through long test processes. Otherwise, brands can lose customers and face financial loss. Testing service is a process that commences after the development of an application is finished.

With Majorel Turkey’s testing services, test scenarios are run through an end-to-end automation application, the results are reported to remove development errors, and then we test again and again until the results are 100% correct.


Majorel Turkey’s test engineers design the best testing process for brands. We assist businesses to run continuous software tests, application tests, website tests, and market tests with our innovative processes and expert team. With our testing services, we run beta tests with our flexible number of users, by getting their feedback, and report back to development teams to eliminate all errors.

Our software testing services are offered to businesses for checking any bugs or errors in their software products. Unit testing, integration testing, and system testing as well as functional testing, non-functional/performance testing, and maintenance testing are carried out on software. Majorel Turkey’s application testing services are compatible both with mobile and website applications. We run functionality testing, integration and standardization testing, performance testing, usability testing, and last but not least, security testing processes. Majorel Turkey’s website testing services include website functionality tests, website interface tests, website usability tests, website performance tests, website compatibility tests, and website security tests. Our market testing processes involve end-to-end testing on user actions on an e-commerce website or application by checking user functions and conditions.


Outsourcing testing services enable businesses to implement smooth and functional software, application, website, and market tests with a systematic and effective approach. All the testing processes are run by Majorel Turkey’s expert team instead of your in-house engineers and reported accurately and effectively.  

While Majorel Turkey’s experts test your software, applications, websites, or markets, with our best techniques and tools, the businesses’ existing workforce can solely concentrate on the development side. Your engineers would not have to worry about the testing process or test management; they can focus on more important things, which will increase productivity.

Third-party testing services support businesses to eliminate the need to invest in tools to carry out testing processes. By giving the responsibility of testing software, applications, websites, or markets over to Majorel Turkey, businesses gain the advantage of cost savings.

Majorel Turkey’s testing services provide time savings for brands. Since our test engineer only performs certain tests, they will be executed faster and save time for businesses.

Why Mayen?

Majorel Turkey’s testing services offer full test coverage to businesses:

  • 1

    We work with test engineers who are experts in their professions

  • 2

    We improve the testing quality of products with our high-quality testing processes

  • 3

    Our in-depth reports improve the productivity of the businesses

  • 4

    With our end-to-end testing, we pinpoint user expectations, which are crucial for businesses such as e-commerce

  • 5

    With our know-how in customer experience, we are very familiar with customer interactions, and we create better testing processes for our clients

  • 6

    We have the advantage of having both a test and robotic process automation (RPA) team at Majorel Turkey, and we have the knowledge to perform tests not only manually but also with automation

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