What Does Mayen Offer You

Mayen is Turkey’s leading customer relationship management and value-added services company.


Our Mission

Mayen creates an excellent customer experience thanks to YOUR help.

We are willing to work with anyone who will be able to work in harmony with our team, have the same enthusiasm as we do, and care about value-added customer satisfaction.

We focus on contributing to the development of Mayen and creating sustainable performance and loyalty in line with our strategic goals and corporate culture, with the help of the right candidates.

Our Values

Our doors are open to anyone who shares our values.

Open Communication

Success is only possible in environments where ideas are openly and effectively discussed. We value open and honest communication at the workplace and support initiative and decision-making mechanisms at all levels of Mayen.

Digital Motivation

We work in more than 40 cities in Turkey by using working-from-home model and also from 12 locations in 9 different cities, but we are always together even if we live in different cities or even in different countries. We keep our motivation high and manage to stay connected with virtual meetings and activities.

Safe and Fun Work Environment

We create a safe and pleasant work environment for all the members of our teams.
We are proud to have a team that creates a warm and friendly atmosphere and knows how to have fun. We always find ways and activities, whether physical or digital, that will offer us a good time.

Respect for All

Diversity is the key to Mayen’s success. We work closely with our colleagues, and we provide a diverse, inclusive, and respectful work environment for all team members.

Benefits Offered at Mayen

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    Flexible Times

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    BonusesIncentives, and Rewards

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    Home Office Work


How to join Mayen

Just One Click Away
At Mayen, all recruitment processes for all open positions are run digitally. You are just one click away from the opportunity of making an application for an open vacancy .
As soon as you apply for a position, you will get involved in our Digital Recruitment Process, and you will have the opportunity to experience an online assessment and evaluation journey.
For all of our positions, all stages of our recruitment evaluation take place online. No matter where you are in the world, you are just a click away from the opportunity to get involved in our process and have a digital experience until the job proposal stage.

We See Potential. We Assess Competence and Motivation.
As Mayen, we believe in the importance of investing in new talents with potential. In addition to the minimum qualifications expected for open positions, the behavioural models, competencies, attitudes, and motivation factors of our candidates are considered primarily.

Our recruitment assessment and evaluation steps:
• Online application
• Competence and language-based video interview
• Competence-based interviews
• Inventory and Assessment Centre applications
• Position-based online tests
• Reference check


We Care About Feedbacks

At Mayen, we care about feedback on our recruitment process. Our goal is not only to inform our candidates about the process but also to understand their candidate experience. We aim to create a positive candidate experience and improve such experience with the questions we ask during the recruitment process.

Our positive candidate experience survey results:

Digital recruitment system usability: 82%
Online orientation satisfaction: 98%

Life At Mayen

At Mayen, we put our colleagues' wellbeing in front of everything. We created a digital motivation and communication program, 'We Feel Good at Mayen', to make our big team feel valuable, relaxed, happy, and positive during and after their work time.

With our digital motivation program, we support our team in three main categories:

Mayen means Awareness

• News and Announcements
• Learning Sign Language
• Donation Activities
• Audio Books
• Studies for the Benefit of Animals
• Environmentally-Friendly Applications

Mayen means Health

• Mayen Wellness Talks
• Online Dietitian
• Healthy-Living Information
• Group Therapies
• Laughter, Yoga and Awareness Activities
• Yoga, Sports, Zumba, and Dance Activities with Instructors

Mayen means Fun

• Mayen Talks
• Social Media Activities
• Talk Shows
• Coffee Breaks
• Music Broadcasts
• Food Recommendations
• Competitions
• Mayen Kids Entertainment Activities
• Happy Hour
• Workshops